Gardens -

In front of an elderly walnut tree stands the original hand water pump that was used at the water tower in the 1920's. This can be seen as you walk through the main gate/arbor to the back of the house.
The focal point of this mini garden is a water fountain that Bob designed and build. Other pieces of garden art have been added along with various bulb, perennial and annual plants.
This California Black Walnut tree provided another location for a mini garden. In the planting bed are garden art, and in the branches are hanging bird houses - just some of Marilyn's collection.
This is a view from the pond, looking back towards the rose garden. This area was improved in 2001 & 2002 when we removed a sick Willow tree and built the pond arbors.
During Thanksgiving 2002, Marilyn, Bob, Terry, and Chandler built this piece of sculpture - the entrance to our vegitable garden. A great deal of planting has taken place around the garden in 2002, adding many interesting plants and flowers. This attracts many types of bees and butterflies. We have fresh vegitables from this garden throughout the year.
This is a view from the vegitable garden towards the pond. With the storm in November 2002, we had to remove a 40 foot Oak tree which has opened up the area to more sun loving plants. We didn't like loosing the tree, but then, we always look on the positive side.
Contact Us Mini Gardens allow us to have a wide diversity of plantings that stimulate the senses.