One of these stalls is currently available.

There are 5 (12ft by 12ft) stalls with almost 20 foot paddocks (8 feet of which is covered). The stalls all have mat floors and corner feeders with corner watering. The breezeway provides you with easy access to your horse, and keeps you dry during the winter.

This photo shows the stall from the paddock side. Note that all paddocks are separated by a double wire fence. There are strong gates if you need to keep your horse inside the stall.

This area is currently available.

There are five paddock spaces (none available at this time) that can accomodate one to two horses. These all have sheltered areas with matted floors and corner feeders. These areas are cleaned twice a day, and many of the horses are turned out 1 to 3 times a week.

There are two paddock areas where our daughter, Melissa keeps her four horses. These areas are periodically used as turn out areas for border horses. This particular area has two stalls (in the foreground).

Contact Us Feeding and cleaning twice a day + turn out 4 times a week.